Our Journey

What We Do


Our films explore a vast range of subjects through long-form documentaries, educational & infotainment series, corporate and sales films. Themes have ranged from religion to travel, unique social phenomena, fascinating wonders of India and much more.

Our expertise lies in being able to research a wide variety of content, no matter their technical complexity, and translate them into a product that is lucid &relevant to the target audience, without compromising on high standards of production.


Pulse Media offers a wide range of technical and production services to international film & television producers. These include line production, coordination and management facilities across all parts of India.

Our network of professionals, fixers and researchers can facilitate location recces, budgeting, travel & accommodation, special permits, equipment rentals and identify local talent and workforce.

Whether it is documentaries, features, corporate or ad films, you can engage Pulse Media's production services as a whole or hire individual facilities according to your needs, for a guaranteed no-stress, low cost & authentic filming experience in India.