Inside Tirumala Tirupati - National Geographic Channel

One of the world's most iconic Indian temples and most visited Hindu pilgrimages on the planet, the Tirumala Tirupati temple opens its doors for the very first time to cameras of the National Geographic India. While most pilgrims will wait in line for hours for a fleeting glimpse of the god, this film will allow you to experience the temple and its surroundings like an insider would. Watch A National Geographic exclusive, Inside Tirumala Tirupati, Premieres 27th March, 9 PM only on National Geographic Channel...


India's Megakitchens – Season 01

Get behind the scenes of the biggest and iconic kitchens of the nation!


Akshaya Patra: Shiksha Ka Mahabhog - National Geographic Channel

On this Nat Geo Special show, let's go back to school with the Akshaya Patra Foundation and learn how the world's largest school lunch program is cooking up millions of meals and offering India's children a hopeful tomorrow, one plate at a time.


Shirdi Mahakitchen - National Geographic Channel

Charitable ideals of 19th century mystic Sai Baba meet 21st century solar technology at the Shri Sai Prasadalaya, one of the largest solar-powered mega kitchens in India.


Dharmasthala Mahakitchen - National Geographic Channel

Watch as a sacred mega kitchen gears up to feed around 100,000 devotees in a single day for the annual festival of Laksha Deepotsava in the temple town of Dharmasthala.


TAJSATS Mahakitchen - National Geographic Channel

In order to feed passengers 35,000 feet up in the air, there's an army of chefs on the ground in the mega flight kitchens of TajSATS Delhi dishing up over 22,000 meals a day - from Economy to First Class!


IRCTC Mahakitchen - National Geographic Channel

What does it take to prepare over 10,000 meals a day for discerning clients of the Indian Railways and more? IRCTC shows you how it's done inside one of its central mega kitchens.


India's Megakitchens – Season 02

Get behind the scenes of the biggest and iconic kitchens of the nation - Season 2!


ISKCON's Mega Kitchens, India's First Mega Yatra Kitchen - National Geographic Channel.

India's mega kitchens on Nat Geo channel. In the show, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna introduces some of India's mega kitchens. Today's episode features ISKCON Yatra Kitchen.

During the auspicious Kartik Maas according to the Hindu calendar, thousands of devotees visit the holy Vrindavan.

Iskcon yatra team starts planning for the yatra months in advance. The organizing team visits Vrindavan and Govardhan to select the site to set up temporary kitchen where meals for 5000 devotees will be cooked during the ten days of yatra. Blueprints of the temporary kitchen are made and the pandal is set up accordingly. Eco friendly chulhas are set up to cook the food using firewood as fuel. Huge pots, utensils and other required equipments are brought in. The whole area is cleaned and set up a day in advance.

On the days of yatra, meal preparations start as early as 2.30 am. The recipes to be cooked have already been tried and tested at Govardhan eco village. Volunteers enthusiastically take part in the services assigned to them. Different teams are there for cooking, serving, vegetable chopping etc. On T he last day of the yatra, 'Annakoot' is celebrated when devotees cook meals for the Lord and offer chappan bhoga to Him.

ISKCON Yatra In episode 2 of India's Mega Kitchen, ISKCON builds a remote mini factory to serve 110000 devotees for free during Krishna Janmastami. Watch this episode of India's Mega Kitchen S2.


India's Mega Kitchen - Kalinga Institute Of Social Science (KISS)

Kalinga Institute, Bhubaneswar India's Mega Kitchen, see how Kalinga Institute of Bhubaneswar serves more than 50000 meals to its students on a daily basis. Watch this episode of India's Mega Kitchen S2


INDIA EMERGES: A Visual History – Discovery Channel

India Emerges: A Visual History is a unique snapshot of one of the most fascinating periods in modern Indian history: colonial rule, struggle for freedom and achievement of independence.

But this isn't about flipping through textbooks. It's a front row seat to history thanks to rare archival films; some dating back to the birth of cinema itself. These are never-before- broadcast visuals of some of the most critical junctures in the history of the subcontinent, woven together to tell the tumultuous story of how modern India and her neighbours were born.

The 3-part story begins in the 1600s from when the British first arrive in India, harbouring mercantile interests as the British East India Company. It traces the remarkable journey from Company to Crown as India becomes a prized asset for the British Empire. It traces the parallel stories of the rise & fall of the imperialist British Raj, as well as the rising tide of Indian nationalism as it hurtles towards freedom. Finally, it counts down to independence, when the nations of India and Pakistan are born through the traumatic events of the Partition.

Each twist and turn is brought to life thanks to original archival footage reels that extract this remarkable story from the history books and take the viewer on a visual journey.


India Emerges: The Raj - Discovery Channel

The Raj: India's Colonial Past and Rise in National Consciousness Come Alive Through Some of The Earliest Cinematic Archives Ever Shot In India.


India Emerges: March towards Freedom - Discovery Channel

March To Freedom: Get A Front Row Seat To The Heady Days of The Indian National Movement and The Dissolution of the British Raj


India Emerges: A Nation Is Born - Discovery Channel

At the Stroke of Midnight India is Free. Throwback to The Days Leading Upto It and the Dramatic After-Story through Exclusive Cinematic Archives.


Revealed: The Golden Temple – Discovery Channel

'Revealed - The Golden Temple' is a never-before-seen tableau of Sikhism's sacred sanctum set up through first hand accounts of its primary custodians.

It is a tapestry of personal quests interwoven with 'revealed' moments never captured before on film: a successful NRI returns to reconnect with his heritage and in return offers his Guru a 21st century solution to reaching out to the global faithful. Young men in seminaries choose the road less taken, dedicating themselves to the Guru while an ageing musician strives to keep his ancestral heritage alive by carrying forward the Guru's compositions. Spiritual seekers from far & wide undergo the ancient baptism ritual of Amritsanchar reborn in the Guru's home. Meanwhile, Sikh students learn what it takes to defend their faith against all odds. The Guru's restricted-access treasury is thrown open, as is the most exclusive 'old age home' in the Sikh religion. Pilgrims from the farmlands of Punjab take a road trip, while organizational wizards in back offices execute flawless arrangements for one of the holiest days in the Sikh calendar.

Through it all, the viewer stays at the side of the temple's most important resident, Sikhism's 11th guru - the Guru Granth Sahib - from its pre-dawn waking moment to the hour of its retirement. As everything & everyone in the sanctum revolves around the Guru, so does the ultimate cinematic experience of the Sri Harmandar Sahib -- 'Revealed: The Golden Temple'.


Womb of the World - National Geographic Channel International

How far would you go to be a parent?
For countless childless couples like Helene Destremps and Jean Morency, Rachael, Brian etc., the answer literally lies across the globe.

'Womb of The World' delves deep into the heart of Commercial Surrogacy -- a practice banned in most countries. The film traces the journey's from the Destremps-Morency household in Canada, Rachael from Europe, Brian from Asuatralia to Dr. Nayna Patel's thriving surrogacy practice in Anand, Western India. We accompany the commissioning parents as they embark into the unknown: locating and identifying Dr. Patel's clinic, selecting the egg donor to the most crucial step of all -- finding their surrogates.

Vandana (Surrogate Mother) is just one of the many Indian women living out the daily struggle to make ends meet. Her dream is to have a concrete roof over her family's heads and send her children to school. Burdened by the scourge of poverty, the only resource she has at her disposal is one that wealthy Westerners travel thousands of miles for: a healthy womb that can bear children. For her the choice is clear: rent out her womb for nine months. In exchange she secures a bright future for her loved ones.

But is this transaction as simple as it looks? Commercial Surrogacy in India trespasses several battle lines of medico-legal ethics, social norms, reproductive rights & notions of economic exploitation and there are no easy answers. As our film navigates the twists & turns of this complex phenomenon, the fortunes of these families hang in the balance. Will Helene & Jean's dream of completing their family come true? Will Vandana's family be permanently uplifted from poverty? And do all hopefuls, who seek offspring via commercial surrogacy, walk away fulfilled?

Womb of the World is a reality genre documentary shot over a period of two years, filmed the would-be parents across the four continents (Canada, Spain, Australia visiting India) who explore surrogacy to build families using total strangers half a world away. This option is their last hope to life's greatest joy -- Parenthood.

Womb of the World is a searing, inside story of Commercial Surrogacy in India.


The Healing Touch - Discovery Channel

The Healing Touch is a 03 part lifestyle series, which explores the healing touch of India's Ayurvedic system of medicines as experienced through the eyes of a westerner.


The Wedding Business - BBC World

The Wedding Business' is a 6 episode reality-cum-business programme showcases the different dynamics of the unorganized million dollar wedding industry in India.


Arts World - Aljazeera English Network