Ek Nai Umeed Roshni

Roshni, is a doctor by profession in London. She is eager to do her fellowship under Dr Raghunandan, a noted cardiac surgeon. Roshni's grandfather, Dr AK Singh, helps her in investigating a patient's case. However, Roshni fails to assist Dr Raghunandan in a surgery. To know more, keep watching, Ek Nai Umeed Roshni...


Hum - DD National

HUM - Doordarshan, is a realistic and relatable drama woven around today's village (fictitiously named MANIYARI) which through a series of episodes establish in essence that development and progress can not happen in isolation by isolated effort. It is a collaborative effort. It is not a responsibility which starts or ends with government's scheme. It is a participatory effort of the whole community which benefits from it. Therefore, it is not about one ganga, one badi maa, one Indu (choti bahu), one Phulwa or one jyoti who are on their own individual journey but it is about how their individual journeys get interlinked by the socio, economic, political and geographical conditions they are surrounded with (compelled sometimes by circumstances, sometimes by choice).

They are like five individual fingers of a hand but the socio, economical, political and geographical fabric connects them together to be like a fist (Muthee).

Individually they are 'one', but together they are 'HUM' which has the power to change the destiny of a village. But this is easier said than done. It is a slow, continuous process which passes through various ups and downs, trials and tribulations which makes you laugh, cry, hope, and quail. And, that's precisely our story of HUM.


Antarpaat - Star Pravah

Antarpaath - Star Pravah, is all about the Post Marriage tender Love between a Beautiful Girl and an ugly looking but Innocent man. Sulakshna is an eighteen year's old beautiful girl who lives in a village somewhere near to Nashik or Pune. Her beauty is the topic of conversation not only in her village but in several other villages far away.

Popularly known as Vitthal, Prabhash is a humble, gentle, honest and principled boy. His heart is pure and full of divinity. The only snag is that the physical appearance of Vitthal is below average. He is short in height and not too good looking a man -- in fact, he could almost be called ugly.

Sulakshna is shocked to discover that her father was contemplating a match for her with Vitthal. But soon, after a dramatic interaction, she comes to know the real inner beauty of this man. The saying 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder' comes true when a beautiful love story begins between them. Sulakshna falls madly in love with this man and decides to get married with him. Soon Sulakshna realizes how difficult it is for a mismatched couple to survive in the society. Their ears become used to hearing comments like... 'crow and swan'; 'coal and diamond'; 'beauty and the beast', etc. But these comments are a small problem as compare to the bigger conspiracy sprouting in her own family due to bigger reasons.

How she keeps on loving her ugly husband in spite of extreme pressure and numerous threats to her marriage and how she survives her marriage in spite of abundant tribulations is the crux of this engrossing story.