Ladakh's Artificial Glaciers Promo - Pulse Media Production

Even as climate change and its effects are hotly debated in boardrooms & conference halls across the globe, in many parts of the world it is becoming uncomfortably real, impinging on the lives of common folk.
In Ladakh's glacier-fed farmlands, this reality has become a direct threat to survival as snowcaps melt prematurely and glacial waters recede at an alarming rate.
Fortunately, one crusader's simple science is slowly but surely turning the tide….
Meet Chewang Norphel, Ladakh's glacier man and see how his artificial glaciers have transformed Ladakh's farms from drought-ridden to high yielding.
See how an entire community's concerted determination have backed his vision and rekindled hope in a land that's bearing the brunt of global warming.


Decoding Geomagnetism - IIG

Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, or IIG, is an unique organization with a mandate to conduct (sophisticated) research in geomagnetism and other scientific streams within the realms of geomagnetism and allied processes. IIG has evolved from a mere data recording entity to a world-class institution that harnesses geomagnetic data to understand, simulate and predict natural processes.



Institutional film on National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabadon the completion of 50 years...


Earthquake Excerpt


Road to Dream – Empowerment Through Education